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Carbon Nanotubes Successfully Launched
News from Synmiway Chemical Group (Zhang Songtao). Recently, carbon nanotubes (CNT) have been successfully launched to the market by Chenghe New Materials Co., Ltd., Synmiway Chemical Group, and the product has been successfully applied to the industrial production of lithium battery.

  CNT is a kind of tubular crystal, known as the “king of nano materials”. It has broad application prospects and can be widely used in information, life, environment, automation, aerospace, energy and other areas. The CNT paste made with NMP as solvent by dispersing process is applicable to LFP, LCO, LMN, NCM, graphite and other electrode materials as a new generation of special electric conductive agent for lithium-ion battery. It can also increase the battery capacity significantly, reduce the internal resistance of battery and improve the cycle life significantly.
  The Group has established the research and development team led by the scholars of “Thousand Youth Talents Program” of Organization Department of  the CPC Central Committee, built well-equipped laboratories, and also set up small and pilot plants successively. At the beginning of 2015, the project team developed the continuous production line through cooperating with the equipment manufacturing enterprises after completing the preliminary technical research and development work, which realized the continuous production of controlled tons of CNT smoothly, increasing the CNT production capacity to 1500 tons/year and the paste production capacity to 30,000 tons/year. On the premise of ensuring the purity and quality of products, the production costs were reduced significantly, which will inevitably promote more widespread applications of CNT in the traditional industries and high-technology industries.
  At present, the CNT produced by the Group has passed the application performance test of a number of power batteries and consumer electronics manufacturers, including BYD, ATL and other leading enterprises in lithium battery industry.
  Chenghe New Materials Co., Ltd of Synmiway Chemical Group will uphold the quality policy of “fine management, continuous improvement, quality first and customer satisfaction”, and strive to promote the CNT products into broad lithium battery market quickly. The Company will make efforts to provide domestic and foreign customers with quality products and professional services at first-class products and quality service, and build the company into the new materials enterprise with high and new technology and core competitiveness.